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Gamers playing Nintendo Wii

We’re happy to announce that we added 10 new activities to that you can track in your quest to get more fit. The really interesting new statistic you can track is how long you play video games — this is more and more turning into a serious fitness activity with consoles like the Nintendo Wii encouraging gamers to get up and move when they’re playing.

Read the announcement about getting fit by playing video games here.

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New site launched: – Online RSS Reader for mobile devices header including links to the top 10 most popular feeds

We’re proud to announce a new site that has been in the works for a while. is aimed at making it dead-simple to read the latest news from all your favorite sites, including ones you didn’t even know were your favorite sites yet.

Explore new sites with

The concept is simple: Show the 5 freshest items posted from sites that are interesting to read in a clean format that is particularly suited for mobile browsing using a phone or device like a Treo.

Find a feed on

Check it out: is Live is now live for invited users only.

Collabofit Live

O’Reilly MVC PHP Web Application Framework

We here at Katanaa are big fans of the LAMP development stack.

(Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

Joe Stump over at the O’Reilly ONLamp development group has written a great series of articles on making web applications following the MVC (Model View Controller) method of programming for php.

We found that this framework provides us with a very lightweight framework to build our web applications on, and is very extensible.

Thanks a lot to Joe and the whole LAMP development center.

Read the article (via O’Reilly

Pearson Custom Likes Katanaa

Katanaa Saves Pearson Custom

New Collabofit screenshot

Here is the Photoshop work in progress for the new homepage for Collabofit. This should be live sometime in mid-to-late August hopefully.

Collabofit screenshot

Tim, our summer intern, hard at work on the new WordPress fitness plugin for Collabofit. We’re probably going to be releasing the source code for the plugin under the GPL so that people are free to modify it as they see fit.

Hard at work at Northwest Tim likes working with us so far...

New screenshot comp for Christian Science Media website

Here is the screenshot for the media aggregation site that we may be building soon:


This site would bring together media of all types – text, audio and video and present it in a very easy to consume format. Clear icons, text and organization will help ensure maximum accessibility.

WordPress plugins we like

Here are some of the WordPress plugins that we like:

Welcome to the official Katanaa custom web application developers blog

The team at Katanaa is pleased to announce our existence. We’re excited to share information about our upcoming projects, both for our clients and for ourselves.

Some entries in this blog have been back-dated to fill in the gaps when we weren’t publicly sharing our work yet.

Stay tuned for more…